About me

My name is Ezequiel Meilij, but you can call me Izzy. :)

I'm a Clinical Psychologist + Trained in EMDR Therapy + International Coach + Postgraduate degree in Sexuality and Sex Therapy.

I obtained my degree in Psychology at Universidad Interamericana de Panamá (Panama, 2008) + my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Universidad de Panamá (Panama, 2012) + my Postgraduate degree in Sexuality and Sex Therapy from Universidad de Flores and Centro Argentino de Terapia Racional Emotiva y Cognitiva-Conductual - CATREC (Argentina, 2014) + my Basic Training in EMDR Therapy from EMDR-Iberoamérica and the EMDR Institute (Panama, 2014) + my International Coaching Certification from the International Coaching Institute and Asociación de Coaching Panamá (Panama, 2015).

I'm also the creator of "Maldita Oxitocina", a comic strip written and illustrated by me where we talk about psychology, love and sex, relationships, mental health and emotional well-being.

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In my private practice, I work with individuals and couples through psychological therapy and coaching. I'd love to work with you and accompany you on your journey towards the best version of yourself! If you want more information, or you're ready to book an appointment, please click here

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Stay safe, stay happy, stay you! :) - Izzy